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Hi, I Am Hillary Berg

Hillary Berg is a Level 1 CHEK Practitioner  as well as a CHEK Health and Lifestyle coach. She also holds her BA in Exercise Science from the Metropolitan State College of Denver and is a certified personal trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and ACE. 

One of Hillary’s biggest passions is learning about post rehabilitative training. After over 15 years of training she has seen many clients with low back pain, shoulder issues or knee pain. These clients have motivated her to research the cause of these disorders and to help others get out of pain! Her goal is to educate clients on how to achieve optimum health and wellness for the rest of their lives. Hillary believes every one of us is an athlete. She is driven to help each one of her clients find the athlete within!

When Hillary is not working, working out or studying she enjoys hanging out with her kid, hiking, knitting, cooking and puttering in the garden. 

Well, hello there...

Jason Berg – If I had to put down a ‘philosophy of fitness’ it would be that a healthy life must include an active one.  Working out in the gym is great, however, I feel that it should be in support of the activities and needs which come from outside the gym. 

When I earned my Golf Biomechanic Certification from the CHEK institute, I learned about the necessity for proper movement analysis and how that translates to programming and injury prevention.  This application crosses over into any sport or activity; Golfers, Tennis players, cyclists all benefit from these principles.


Later, I discovered Kettlebell training.  Kettlebells are all about efficiency and developing the importance of technique.  How you move and the reason you move are often more important than how much weight you moved.  KB training is great for people who have limited resources and/or space.  It’s also a brilliant solution for busy people with hectic schedules.  Anyone who has become bored with traditional lifting will love kettlebells.

Finding something you love to do is what it’s all about for me.  My favorite thing is developing a program for someone that helps you do something else better than before.  Did you shoot your best 18? Maybe not, but it was pain free for the first time in years.  Started off with 1 mile walks and now you’re planning a 8 mile hike with a pack.  It can be anything at all but it’s best when it’s you who decides.  

For me, I discovered obstacle course racing in 2013.  I’ve completed several Tough Mudders since then and have some others booked to complete.  My training supports those events and I get all the bonus health benefits on top.  

I started out graduating from Montana State University with a degree in Health Enhancement Education.  I was going to be a physical education teacher and promote lifetime fitness to kids.  In a lot of ways I still do that, it’s just that now my students are older.  Work with me and lets discover together how much you can achieve.

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