If you haven’t seen the new teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you should.  It doesn’t really tell you much but there are some pretty cool visuals in there.  I mention it simply because I dig Star Wars and also it will do nicely to serve as my kick off for the next thirteen months.  

It’s been one year since my unfortunate knee accident and I am pretty well done with rehab.  This blog post is my official, “Getting back on the Horse” announcement.  The past year I’ve laid dormant, struggling to be patient, waiting until my body could finally get back to being capeable of what I know it can do.  Now…The Force Awakens.

Currently, the release date for Episode VII is December of 2015.  That gives them 13 months to fine tune the light sabers to sparky awesomeness.  It also gives me 13 months to complete my 4 for 40 goal for 2015.  On the 18th of this month I will turn 40 and it’s somewhat of a milestone so I figure I will put myself out for an attempt at 4 different events between now and next December.  

First will most likely be completing Bloomsday.   I’m not certain that I will be able to challenge for a top time this year.  There’s no guarantee that my knee will like all that road running until I do it, and I may also take my son with me for the first time.  He’s 8 so it could go either way, lots of walking or running or both.  Still, it should be a lot of fun.

Second, would be to get myself to a next level certification for Kettlebells.  I’m not sure where or when and a lot of that depends on timing and funding, but we’re gonna get in some gruesome shape for it either way.  If I can’t get to one this year I’ll at least post about my prep work and self testing of the certification requirements.

Next would be some other fitness event.  It could be another 5k road race or the Dirty Dash or something like that.  I would love to do the Zombie run, but that is also dependent upon travel and such.   So, I may have to pick a more local run. 

The last thing would be to triumphantly(to me at least) return to Tough Mudder next fall.  I had so much fun doing it that I can’t stop thinking about getting back to one.  Since my 2013 entry they’ve added new colors to the headbands based on how many you have done and there are always new obstacles being created.  Gotta get back to it.  

I want to encourage you to come along with me in your own way.  Even if I am in better condition than the person reading this, I’m going to start in the beginner stage of things.  My plan is to progress smoothly and, more importantly, smartly through the year.  With few exceptions, there wouldn’t be much reason anybody couldn’t follow along with me this year and accomplish their own fitness goals.

As always….Me and my iPhone

Me – Cardio – about 2.5 miles walking a day and about 8-10 miles a week is about all my knee could handle so this month the goal is 1.5 miles – 3x week with half of that at a jogging pace.

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