The only thing I’d change or possibly regret is not talking to Jason sooner

Prior to working with Jason I wasn’t sure what my body was capable of in terms of physical strength and endurance. I’m 47 and I haven’t lifted weights or done anything for cardio since my early 20’s. I wrestled in high school and two years in college . After college, I really haven’t lifted weights, run, or do much of any physical activity outside of what is required for my profession. I no longer knew what I could do physically, but I had no doubt I had become heavier, slower, and weaker over the years. The last year or so I’ve been plagued with knee pain and limited mobility of my left leg. My physical condition eventually negatively affected every aspect of my life. The lowest part of that moment is when I contacted Jason.
In just under 6 months after I reached out to him I was running 5 miles, 5 days a week and participated in a half marathon. Jason listened to what I was able to tell him about my diet, physical condition, sleep, etc. and from that gave me clear options and instructions that were simple to follow and honestly enjoyable. For the first time in my life, I actually enjoy exercising and eating healthy! The process and evolution I’ve gone through the last 6 months has been a permanent life changing event. With the positive change in my physical health, my mental health followed. I feel like a different person today and have a much more positive outlook on life and the future. The only thing I’d change or possibly regret is not talking to Jason sooner.

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