I reached the 14,410 foot summit of Mt. Rainier

I started training with Hillary thinking I’d try it for a couple of months to shed some weight and gain general conditioning. Well that was three years ago now I’m still doing it every week. It is the best thing that I’ve ever done for myself. The workouts are the highlights of my day. Last fall I decided to take on the goal of climbing Mt. Rainier. And with a 6-month training schedule developed by Hillary I was on my way to achieving a goal that previously seemed impossible.
We continued to work all body but with emphasis on core strength for carrying a heavy pack, leg strength getting me to the top, and cardio-respiratory training for maximum performance in thin air. I thank Hillary for helping me keep motivated and on track by constant encouragement, nutritional guidance, and injury prevention and in sometimes rehab. She is a professional that can help you achieve your goals. On June 7, I reached the 14,410 foot summit of Mt. Rainier. It was such an emotional event that I truly recommend the climb to everyone. People of all ages and walks of life are doing and believe it or not, so can you.

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