Thoughts on Beet Juice for performance

Challenges, Veggie of the Month
Jason's thought after trying out Beet juice to help with athletic performance.... Juicing itself is a pretty well documented and solid idea when it comes to getting a strong nutrient balance into our bodies.  As a juice-able food source, beets aren't too bad of a choice.  It's a sweet vegetable and generally tastes similar to doing carrots although a little more so in terms of sweet-ness.  To offset a little with some tangy citrus flavor, Hillary added an orange.   It was proposed by the experts that one should consume the beet juice 2 hours before a workout.   Workout number 1 - I drank the juice mid morning as I was going running later.  At that point in the day I had not eaten since breakfast about 2.5 hours earlier.  On…
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