Weight Loss Lies We Tell Ourselves

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The other day I was training one of my long-time clients on zoom. I noticed that she was looking a lot slimmer, something I don’t always notice over the internet. I commented on how she was looking really good and she said with the nutrition coaching we were doing this past year she had lost about 26 lbs.  She then followed it up with what I feel every woman does, and said,  “I would like to lose another 10 lbs.”We explored why that was important for her over the next couple of minutes and then I asked, “What do you think you could change to help reach that goal?”She thought out loud for a moment, going over several possibilities and then eventually said, “Well, I could reduce that can of tuna…
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Why Weight Training is a must for Weight Loss

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Want to lose weight....lift weights. As a trainer you get asked a lot of questions. They are often the same questions. This one is a popular one…. What exercise is most beneficial for weight loss. Cardio or weights?  My, sometimes, surprising answer is both but emphasize weights. We all know the many benefits of weight training. Improved bone density and glucose utilization, an elevated metabolic rate (hint this helps with weight loss!) and insulin sensitivity, increased strength, not to mention a boost to your mental health. We know there are benefits to lifting weights but rarely do we think weight training is a must for weight loss. Usually the question is - doesn’t cardio burn more calories? Or when I need to lose weight I just start running. Then I’ll lose the weight I…
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