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The New Year is upon us and so with it comes our need to create resolutions. So, this year what are your resolutions?  Are they like mine, to learn Spanish or run a half marathon?  Or is it more time with your family? Travel to a far away land? Obviously, what I am more curious about are those goals which are geared more towards your health. I know the next two weeks will be filled with conversations with clients about their resolutions and solutions on how to get started. I thought I would write this post to help everyone on their health and wellness goal for the coming year.  What is your goal for health and fitness? What is your vision for the health of your future self?  For me,…
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Last summer, when I started running and getting more serious about getting strong enough to run, I used a daily planner to help keep me on track. I think I got this idea from another fitness blogger so nothing really original there. I laid out a plan that I would follow every week and would log daily what I had accomplished. It helped me to see what was working and, sometimes more importantly, what was not. This became incredibly useful when I got gluten/soy poisoned in late summer. Like Superman’s Kryptonite, I crumble when these two substances get to me. First, the migraines start followed by an unrelenting fatigue. It takes about six weeks for everything to clear up and feel human but then another six before my superpowers return…
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Two weeks ago I accomplished a long time goal of mine. I completed my first half marathon!! Since my early 20s I wanted to complete a half marathon but due to various illnesses and injuries it was never really achievable. Two and half years after major surgery and many lifestyle and food changes I was finally healthy enough to run 13.1 miles. As I said I had wanted to run a half marathon for a long time, however, my journey towards running didn't really start until May 2015. While picking up my son, Jack and my husband, Jason from Bloomsday that year my son said five words to me that motivated me to start running. "Mom, why don't you run?" Over the years as a trainer I am always amazed…
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