Celeriac & Apple Salad

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Celery Root or Celeriac, which is it more commonly called, is an odd shaped root vegetable that you most likely looked over while at the grocery store. Surprisingly it is a very popular vegetable in Europe.  In France, in particular, it is commonly used to make Celeraic romeleade.  A basic cole slaw recipe with mayo, mustard, lemon juice and raw shredded celeriac.  This versatile root vegetable can be prepared raw, roasted, boiled,  or mashed.  It can often be found in salads and soups.  Celeriac is cultivated for it’s root which means the celery we often buy and eat is not from this root.  It grows a leafy, whimper looking, stronger tasting celery stems on top. If you find the root with leafy greens on top it means it is fresh.…
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