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This is the time of year that I start to really crave those amazing farmer's market freshly picked leafy greens. I know this is not what everyone craves in December but for me the crunch of good lettuce leaves is something I do enjoy. We recently have been including BIG salads into our daily diets. (Pictured to the left. Jason's is one meal mine is easily two!) Since the lettuce is a little lackluster and big salads become extremely boring to me. (Not Jason he could eat them every day.) I have turned to cabbage salads for my daily go to during the winter. One thing I love about any type of cabbage salad is the longevity. I can easily make the salad Sunday evening and still be eating it…
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This is the time of year that we are overloaded with zucchini. Whether you planted it yourself or a neighbor wants to pawn off some their home grown fruit. That’s right I called it a fruit. I was shocked to find out that technically zucchini is a fruit. So really I should be calling this month fruit of the month.  However, we culinary enthusiasts use it as vegetable.   Zucchini are part of the curbita pepo family which originated in Meso America. However, zucchini is hugely popular in French and Italian cooking. In fact if there are no blossoms attached to the summer squash most French and Italian cooks believe it is no good. (Joy of Cooking) Squashes are low in calories, due to the water content. However, high in fiber,…
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