Playground or Training Ground?

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I can't hang down on this one. It doesn't count if your feet touch In a previous post I talked about themed running events.  Being unfamiliar with these types of events I was excited by them.  I'll be honest, I REALLY wanted to do the zombie run, but I was too late to register, so I signed up for the Tough Mudder in October.   This event was much more intimidating than the zombie one, and I wasn't entirely sure how to train for it exactly.  After bombing Bloomsday a couple years ago with pulled calf muscle and little road training, I have accepted that I am too old to NOT train anymore for things.  I tried to follow rather general training principle that I use for any activity, match your workouts…
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Sweating in the Sun!

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After spending a week in my perfectly air conditioned studio I really crave being out in the sun.  It is common to walk into Infinity Fitness on a sunny 100 degree day and find me dressed as if it is the dead of winter.  “Hillary are you seriously wearing a fleece!” is a popular summertime greeting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can keep my studio at a nice 68 degrees all day long. Sometimes even cooler if a client has to return to work.Truth be told I hate air conditioning, it feels unnatural. So, after 5 days of cold air and fleece I am ready to be in the sun. This summer so far has consisted of many weekend hikes and bike rides.  This weekend I felt…
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