Avoid the Quick Fix Trap

Goal Setting, Making Change
There's a quote I sometimes use now and then that you may have heard from me, “A year from now, you’ll wish you had started today.” I was never really able to find a reliable source for the quote, but I like it a lot.  I feel like it takes so much of the pressure off for establishing changes to our lives.   For example, “Lose 20 lbs of body fat in just 8 WEEKS!”  As opposed to a moderate, controlled caloric deficit that will result in 20 lbs of body fat lost in 4 months.  It will take you twice as long doing it the second way, however, the weekly pressure to lose is much less.  What might you say if I told you it was a plan that…
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Meal Planning Tips for Success

How To, Meal Planning, Recipes
One of the biggest challenges for my clients seems to be meal planning. I feel like when I ask how meal planning is going I get an audible sigh and not a real, ‘want to’ answer. I decided to outline what we do in our house to help others feel a little motivated or inspired. Meal planning is one of the biggest ways to lose weight and to save money. A lot less wasted food!  For me, with all my food issues, I need to have a meal plan. The plan outlined below comes out of complete necessity since running to grab take out can be difficult and, well, boring when left with just a few choices. Also, I love having my lunches already taken care of for the next…
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Working From Home? How to stay on track

Goal Setting, How To, Meal Planning
During this time most of us are stuck in our houses and not having a normal routine of meetings and picking up kids from school.  Also, a lot of folks are eating way too much. The number one piece of feedback I am getting from most of my clients during this quarantine is that working from home has been detrimental to their waistline. Some have commented how the fridge calls to them each time they walk by. Or, that there is so much more junk food in the house with their kids home that it's hard to resist.  Without a regular schedule it can be easy to overeat. Below are some strategies to start implementing today to help keep you on track and not to over eat!  # 1: Plan…
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