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Since I hadn't been running hardly at all during 2014 I haven't used MapMyRun in a long time.  Back in December I opened it up again and started to log some workouts and treadmill jogs.  A years worth of updates meant that I had to re-educate myself on how to use the darn thing.  Aside from a variety of new functions and social networking capabilities was the addition of group challenges.   Companies sponsor, as advertisement, an opt-in fitness challenge.  Britta, for example, challenged you to log 50000 steps per week and, of course, record how often you hydrated.  Each challenge has it's own exercise and nutrition goal.  While the social networking aspect of MMR is nice, it sort of requires that you have lots of friends using the app.  I…
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Every so often, I get asked as to what the ‘best’ exercise is to do.  In many of these hypothetical (or not) situations, time for exercising is in short supply.  Other times, It’s just a matter of making some addition to a workout regimen already in place.   This can mean that it’s possible for there to be more than one “King” depending upon your specific needs or desires.  In general each royal movement will provide benefit for a majority of its subjects.    This month, the Ruler of All Gyms will be, the Goblet Squat, using a kettlebell.   Requirements:  The bodyweight of one human person (self) One kettlebell of any challenging weight.  25lbs is a good start for most people. Squatting is one of the fundamental patterns of movement that…
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Valentines day will soon be here so I think it’s a good month to talk about heart health.  Cardiovascular fitness is key to staying fit and healthy so getting some longer, harder sessions in is important.  Increasing by small increments as the month goes along is a great way to push yourself without going to far.  Adding just 5 minutes, an extra block, or a lap around the track can wind up being a pretty significant gain by the end of the month. My workouts are going pretty well so far.  The knee is doing well and I didn’t have any setbacks during January even though some of my workouts were pretty rigorous.  For the most part however, I kept weight work at less than 25 minutes as I did…
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In 2012 I discovered kettlebells and really found them to be a fantastic fitness tool for myself and my clients.  The system clicked with me and were a responsible for some great changes in my own physical shape.  I followed up in 2013 with a more committed regime of running consistently.  That combination was really hard to beat for me.  I was working out regularly before but had become reinvigorated  with the incorporation of new information. Late in 2013 I decided to test myself and my level of fitness by competing in the Tough Mudder challenge event.  It was truly a great experience and I learned so much about my physical capeablilites and limitations as well.  I was was super excited for making 2014, also the year I turn 40,…
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Sweating in the Sun!

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After spending a week in my perfectly air conditioned studio I really crave being out in the sun.  It is common to walk into Infinity Fitness on a sunny 100 degree day and find me dressed as if it is the dead of winter.  “Hillary are you seriously wearing a fleece!” is a popular summertime greeting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can keep my studio at a nice 68 degrees all day long. Sometimes even cooler if a client has to return to work.Truth be told I hate air conditioning, it feels unnatural. So, after 5 days of cold air and fleece I am ready to be in the sun. This summer so far has consisted of many weekend hikes and bike rides.  This weekend I felt…
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