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When my life became gluten free a lot of foods were eliminated from my diet. One of my favorites were burritos. I literally lived on Taco Bell bean burritos the first trimester of my pregnancy with Jack. Flour tortillas are vehicles of food delivery that bring other yummy foods together. For example the tortilla is a vehicle for rice, beans, salsa and of course cheese. Just like chips become a vehicle for salsa. Crackers for cheese. So as my life changed from gluten filled to not, I had to find other vehicles for my food. One in particular is Nori. Yes that stuff that sushi rolls are made with. Also known as seaweed and also January's veggie of the month. I know a weird choice for a vegetable to highlight…
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This is the time of year that I start to really crave those amazing farmer's market freshly picked leafy greens. I know this is not what everyone craves in December but for me the crunch of good lettuce leaves is something I do enjoy. We recently have been including BIG salads into our daily diets. (Pictured to the left. Jason's is one meal mine is easily two!) Since the lettuce is a little lackluster and big salads become extremely boring to me. (Not Jason he could eat them every day.) I have turned to cabbage salads for my daily go to during the winter. One thing I love about any type of cabbage salad is the longevity. I can easily make the salad Sunday evening and still be eating it…
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I know that this vegetable, like beets, can have a similar effect on folks. They either love them or they hate them. That seems to be how it is in my house. Jason and Jack will not touch them! However, I could eat them every day. I didn't start eating brussels sprouts until I was an adult. Luckily, I was never exposed to the dreaded boiled brussels sprout until I ordered it once in a restaurant and wondered why on earth would anyone want to eat that!  My favorite way to eat them is roasted. Super simple and vey flavorful. Brussels sprouts is a member of the cruciferous vegetables that every health expert on the planet is always trying to get us to eat. This is for good reason! Brussels…
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Beet Hash

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I’m not going to lie this month has been a little rough to blog about and to eat so many beets. However, researching beets and learning about their health benefits has motivated me to add them into our diet. To continue this learning process today we look at the pigment in beets called betalain. Which is named after the red beet (beta vulgaris) Here is what betalain can potential help with: Inflammation: All studies stated that this needs to be further researched, however, what has been found so far has been promising. For example, one study looked at using betalain-rich beet concentrate to reduce pain for individuals with knee pain. It showed that the individuals had reduced pain while taking the supplement. (2) Other studies have found betalains to have…
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Easy Beet Salad

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Have you ever had that moment when you buy a car and you think “What a great car? I have not seen this type of car anywhere.”  Then as you start to drive your new car you realize that your new car is literally everywhere. This is how it was for me when I started to research Beets. Beet products are everywhere. Beet chips, pre cooked beets, pickled beets, frozen beets, canned beets! EVERYWHERE! Having not been exposed to beets growing up I just tend to look over them whenever I am shopping or looking for a new recipe. I have never taken the time to become fond of them. When out to eat if beets are listed in the ingredients I immediately move on to the next option. In…
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