Meal Planning Tips for Success

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One of the biggest challenges for my clients seems to be meal planning. I feel like when I ask how meal planning is going I get an audible sigh and not a real, ‘want to’ answer. I decided to outline what we do in our house to help others feel a little motivated or inspired. Meal planning is one of the biggest ways to lose weight and to save money. A lot less wasted food!  For me, with all my food issues, I need to have a meal plan. The plan outlined below comes out of complete necessity since running to grab take out can be difficult and, well, boring when left with just a few choices. Also, I love having my lunches already taken care of for the next…
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The New Year is upon us and so with it comes our need to create resolutions. So, this year what are your resolutions?  Are they like mine, to learn Spanish or run a half marathon?  Or is it more time with your family? Travel to a far away land? Obviously, what I am more curious about are those goals which are geared more towards your health. I know the next two weeks will be filled with conversations with clients about their resolutions and solutions on how to get started. I thought I would write this post to help everyone on their health and wellness goal for the coming year.  What is your goal for health and fitness? What is your vision for the health of your future self?  For me,…
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