Beet juice

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One way that I have enjoyed beets in the past has been in my green juice. Now I’m not a regular green juice drinker but when I do I find that beets add a unique flavor. I especially like green juice if I feel a cold coming on but sometimes it helps just add a little energy to my day. When I started to research beets I discovered that beet juice is very popular in health studies. This is due to the high amount of nitrates in beets. (Not to be confused with nitrites that are often added to bacon an hot dogs.) Nitrates when ingested from natural food source such as beets and spinach convert into nitric acid which in turn helps to widen and relax blood vessels.  This…
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Thoughts on Beet Juice for performance

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Jason's thought after trying out Beet juice to help with athletic performance.... Juicing itself is a pretty well documented and solid idea when it comes to getting a strong nutrient balance into our bodies.  As a juice-able food source, beets aren't too bad of a choice.  It's a sweet vegetable and generally tastes similar to doing carrots although a little more so in terms of sweet-ness.  To offset a little with some tangy citrus flavor, Hillary added an orange.   It was proposed by the experts that one should consume the beet juice 2 hours before a workout.   Workout number 1 - I drank the juice mid morning as I was going running later.  At that point in the day I had not eaten since breakfast about 2.5 hours earlier.  On…
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