Afraid to Move Part 2

From the Land of Iron and Miles, Goal Setting
How do I know which exercise is best?   The other version I hear of this is, “Does (insert exercise program) actually work or is it BS?” This is part 2 of a little series of drawing ideas I had about those county fair type facehole boards you put your head into to take a silly picture.  If you haven't read part 1 go here for the whole explanation.   You might not even know until you try them Essentially, I interpret these sorts of questions as I’m a busy person and I don’t want to waste my time doing something that won’t get me to my goals.  This is usually because my answer to the above question is, “Well, what’s your goal?”  Unless you know what that is, it’s pretty hard…
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Afraid to Move

From the Land of Iron and Miles
I had this idea of a drawing where a guy is walking past those facehole boards that make you look like a pirate or a bear riding a tricycle.  Each ‘board’ would pose a separate reason people might be hesitant to start a workout program.  The idea was the character would be faced with say four or five different ones and the underlying question would be something like, “If you're hesitant to begin an exercise program, would you find yourself choosing one of these to identify with and stand behind?”  As you can see, that's super wordy so I shelved the idea for a while and re-thought about it.I continued drawing out each board though, and since fitting all of them into one piece was going to be way to…
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