Let’s Go Streaking!

Recently, I embarked on a different kind of streaking adventure – one that involves putting on a bunch of extra clothes as opposed to the other. Inspired by an Instagram challenge, I joined a group on Strava (a fitness tracker/social media app, for the uninitiated) to run every day in December. The mission? Simple: hit at least one mile daily.

Never having attempted a run streak before, I saw it as an intriguing test. There’s a lot to gain from such a commitment: consistency, discipline, and a blend of mental and physical challenge. Plus, it’s a real test of daily recovery when it’s an exercise streak.

Jason running in the snow

Week One: Dodging the ‘Too Busy’ Bullet

My biggest fear initially was actually just getting busy and forgetting to go. There were a couple of evening jogs happened due to packed schedules, but only once did i have to change out of my jammies for a last-minute 9:30 PM dash up and down my street.

The real challenge? Fitting in those one-mile runs amidst winter’s demands – hats, gloves, pants, tops – almost as much prep as for longer runs!

Jason running on a ridge

Week Two: Finding My Stride

By now, I’d woven those short runs into my routine. It felt good, almost like second nature. At this point I am wondering just how long I could do a thing like this.

Jason running by a park

Week Three: Craving a Break

That feeling did not last (HA!). This week, the allure of the streak started to wane. My body was holding up fine, but my feet were sending mild protest notes about the daily grind.

Week Four to Finish Line: Mental Marathon

Towards the end, even my regular, longer runs lost their sparkle. The streak had morphed from a challenge into a chore. Physically okay, but mentally, I was running on fumes.

Running on New Year’s Day brought my streak to 32 days. It was a mixed bag, but here’s the takeaway: Consistency became a part of my life. The low-intensity, high-frequency approach didn’t push me past my physical limits, and my feet gradually adapted.

However, the extra miles didn’t significantly boost my capacity for longer distances. The mental grind of no rest days was the toughest part. By December’s end, the pressure to keep the streak alive, despite risks like injury or illness, loomed large.

Final Stats: 32 Days, 97.88 Miles

The Streaking Verdict: A Balancing Act

If managed well – staying to lower intensity, not giving into undue pressure – a run streak can be a powerful tool for establishing routines and achieving results. I had a similar experience with daily bench presses and pull-ups (weekdays only) over a summer month.

For more insights on that experience, check out my blog here or watch the journey here.

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1 month ago

Ok you have given me the inspiration to get back out there. I was doing 2 miles a day for few montgs and then let “life” get in the way. This was an excellent read and loved the honesty of the journey.

Craig Thielman
Craig Thielman
1 month ago

Fascinating article, Jason I’ve never taken on a “Official Daily Streak”. I can see how it became a mental struggle more then a physical thing. However it seems to me, that’s always the case, when one is trying to integrate Fittness into one’s life style.
I appreciate your desire to, maintain the goal the mind is giving you constant reasons why no big deal if you missed a day. Well Done Jason, my respect for you, My Trainer, has increased.😀
Thanks for sharing.

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