The New Year is upon us and so with it comes our need to create resolutions. So, this year what are your resolutions?  Are they like mine, to learn Spanish or run a half marathon?  Or is it more time with your family? Travel to a far away land?

Obviously, what I am more curious about are those goals which are geared more towards your health. I know the next two weeks will be filled with conversations with clients about their resolutions and solutions on how to get started. I thought I would write this post to help everyone on their health and wellness goal for the coming year. 

What is your goal for health and fitness? What is your vision for the health of your future self? 

For me, I would like to run another half marathon. Hopefully, this year but maybe next. I’m not sure it is entirely possible with some aches and pains I’ve had this past year. What I do know, however, is having that goal gets me out of bed to walk/run my dogs in the dark wee hours of the morning. It makes me stretch every day, and to make sure I’m lifting in a way to get rid of all those aches and pains.  For me, most importantly having my food prepped daily.

I also know that having that as a goal each day, I’m thinking about what do I need to do today to achieve that goal in the future. If it is a busy day with clients this may only mean getting my nightly stretches in. Or, I may only get my food prepped for that day. With that overall goal in mind, I look at each day on how can I run that race again. Something I’ll go over in future articles is my obsessive need to make lists and charts and to write my goals out each week. Don’t worry I’m not asking you do that! Instead….

My challenge to you: Write out your health and fitness goals for 2019. Then start to break those down into what can you do today, right now to get started on those. Don’t look at your resolutions as a 30 day quick fix to your health. Look at the long game. What small step today can make a huge impact 365 days from now? 

​Say you are like me, and want to run a race. Maybe you have never run one before. Then the first step would be start with a walk. Go out for a 10 minutes around the block. And then commit to that plan for the next 30 days. Don’t focus on anything else. Just master the 10 minutes a day. After that reassess – Can you go longer? What about the next 30 days? What can you do then? 15 minutes? 20 minutes? 

We all know the biggest New Year’s Resolution of all. Weight Loss! Everyone is recovering from the holiday and realizing that maybe we ate just a little to much of everything.  Instead of going on the 30 day diet or trying the latest sugar detox (we have all been there and done that!) I encourage you to pick one small thing in your life that you can do today that would help you lose weight. So ask yourself,  “What one thing is holding me back from losing the weight that I want to lose?”  Is it the extra cookies at night? Snacking all day? Late night eating? Not drinking enough water? 

​Chances are you already know of one thing that would make a difference. Pick that one thing. No matter how small and commit to it for the next 30 days. Write out your goal in a place that you will see everyday. Write it on your calendar. Set it up as a reminder in your phone. 

In 30 days, speaking of goals…My goal is to check in and help you to set the next target to help you with your resolution. I will talk about what’s next on keeping with your plans and how to stick with your resolutions through out the year. Not just for a couple of weeks! Remember little steps add up to huge gains.
If you want to read more head to our next goal setting blog: One bite at a time.

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1 year ago

Thanks. This is great.

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