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Infinity Fitness Signature Packages

Commit to Be Fit!
Weight Loss Package

Instead of following the latest “hot trend” we believe in a systematic approach that follows a habits based nutrition coaching model.

Both Hillary and Jason are certified nutrition coaches through Precision Nutrition and believe in an approach focused on you as an individual when working on weight management goals.

In our experience and practice we find that it is our daily habits and choices surrounding nutrition which affect weight management the most.

Working together, our clients learn to improve these small daily interactions with food and improve upon those habits in order to reach their ultimate goals.

This could be something as simple as improving the quality of sleep or increasing your water intake. Small steps towards big rewards are what we are all about.

While this may sound easy enough, sometimes the easiest concepts can be the hardest to execute. That is where Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching can be vital to your success.

Having accountability and having someone to guide you in this process may just be the help you need to see the scale move or to have the proper nutritional layout for your next marathon.

In this package we offer several different options.

 – Nutrition Only option: If you have your workouts dialed in and want to focus on your nutrition this is the option for you. We offer a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month package. Which can be paid monthly or in full (10% discount).  These sessions are weekly for 30 minutes and can be done in person or on Zoom. 

Included in each session:

– 30 minute one-on-one coach session each week.

-Weekly email support and motivation.

-Meal planning

See pricing below: 

3 months: $540 in full or $180 Monthly*

6 months: $960 in full or $160 Monthly*

12 months: $1810 in full or $151 Monthly*

– Workout + Nutrition: Need help with both consistency of your workouts and your nutrition? This package keeps you on track and helps you to lose weight! There are several options available for this package. Please contact us for pricing and to set up a free consultation. Either call us at 509-953-5924 or email us at

*Does not not include WA state sales tax.*

The Check In

Are you happy to do your workouts at home unsupervised but want to have a plan each month on what to do? 

This is a great option for clients that want to workout and keep some accountability and guidance on their workouts.

Each month we give our Check In clients a detailed workout schedule. 

This option incudes:

– 1 hour long, one on one training session with your trainer.

-A detailed monthly workout plan.

-Email support and motivation.

Price for the Check in: $80 plus tax.

*Each participant must work with your trainer for 5 sessions before choosing this option. This helps us to ensure we give you the best workouts going forward.

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Become A Runner

Are you currently a runner or want to become one? This specialized package helps you to run faster or finish that first half marathon. 

You can choose from training once a week, twice a week or three times a week, one on one training with a 3 month to 6 month package. 

Included are: 

– Workouts to enhance your running.

– Mobility and Stretching to keep you healthy through the running season.

-Guidance on race day prep.

– Guidance on nutrition and fueling for running.

To sign up call us for a free consultation today! 

509-953-5924 or email:

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8 Weeks to a Better Back

Do you have an achy back and want to get stronger? Or have you just finished PT for back rehab and want to get back to regular activity? 

Our 8 weeks to a Better Back helps you to learn how to manage your back pain so you can get back to doing what you love to do! 

Each participant will have:

– A complete assessment looking at joint range of motion, posture, core strength and movement patterns.

-A list of stretches and modalities to help maintain mobility and reduce pain.

-Knowledge of which exercises help to maintain a strong back and body.

-Guidance on nutrition, hydration, and sleep which supports maintaining a  healthy back.

-A detailed program at the end of the 8 weeks with pictures, descriptions and videos of the exercises that helped reduce your back pain.

Cost of the 8 weeks series:

– One training session per week: $560*

-Two training sessions per week: $1040*

-Three Training sessions per week: $1368*

For more information call us to set up a free consultation today! 509-710-5577 or email us at

*Price does not include WA state sales tax.