Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching with Infinity Fitness

Instead of following the latest “hot trend” we believe in a systematic approach that follows a habits based nutrition coaching model

Both Hillary and Jason are certified nutrition coaches through Precision Nutrition and believe in an individual focused approach to helping clients with weight management.

We find that most obstacles that clients face with losing weight or feeling better has a lot to do the our daily nutrition choices and our daily habits. 

We work with our clients to find what habits can be improved to help them reach what goals they ultimately want to reach. 

This could be improving the quality of sleep or something as simple as increasing water intake. Small steps towards big rewards are what we are all about.

While this may sound easy enough, sometimes the easiest concepts can be the hardest to execute. That is where Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching can be vital to your success.

Having accountability and having someone to guide you in this process may just be the help you need to see the scale move or to have the proper nutritional layout for your next marathon.

To learn more about how we can help you either call/text us @ 509-710-5577 or email us at

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