Nutrition Programs

Working from the inside out

It’s not breaking news to say that what you are eating can determine how you feel, function, and perform. 

We at Infinity Fitness understand all the mixed messaging that can surround nutrition and diet. We are bombarded with foods that we should or should not eat and diet recommendations on what the latest and best options are.

How it works

Instead of following the latest “hot trend” we believe in a systematic approach that follows a habits based nutrition coaching model. Both Hillary and Jason are certified nutrition coaches through Precision Nutrition and believe in an individual focused approach to helping clients with weight management.

We offer a three month nutrition package that consists of weekly support and individual guidance. These weekly one-on-one coaching sessions are usually 30 to 45 minutes in length and focus on your goals and what is the best way to achieve them. We believe that constant support and guidance can help anyone reach their ultimate wellness goals.

Connect virtually anywhere

In addition to our individual coaching, we also run our 6 week Habitual Fix class twice a year. Each week we focus on an individual habit that helps to reach your weight loss goals. In addition to a weekly group coaching call you will receive weekly email support and help with recipe ideas, meal planning and more. Check out our Habitual Fix page and sign up to get the latest information and to find out when the next session begins.


  • 3 Month package: $499
  • On going Nutrition coaching (Monthly): $199
  • Habitual Fix: $299