Two weeks ago I accomplished a long time goal of mine. I completed my first half marathon!! Since my early 20s I wanted to complete a half marathon but due to various illnesses and injuries it was never really achievable. Two and half years after major surgery and many lifestyle and food changes I was finally healthy enough to run 13.1 miles.

As I said I had wanted to run a half marathon for a long time, however, my journey towards running didn’t really start until May 2015. While picking up my son, Jack and my husband, Jason from Bloomsday that year my son said five words to me that motivated me to start running. “Mom, why don’t you run?”

Over the years as a trainer I am always amazed at what might trigger a client to start on a path to health. For me it was 5 little words motivating me to keep you with my son and husband. I noo longer wanted to be the one picking them up at races but running along side of them.

At this same time my lab, Lucy, turned 2. If you’ve ever known or owned a labrador there is no explaination needed here. Lucy was the perfect personal trainer. As we developed the habit of running together (we had already been walking for 2 years) it became harder and harder to leave her sad and sometimes annoying face to go to work instead of going for our morning run!

This wasn’t the first time I’d endeavored to run. Over the years I have tried several times but an injury would pop up or a life event would happen and derail my plans. This time was proving to be different. Between Jack’s simple question and Lucy banging around in her create every morning telling me it was time to run already!!! I simply wanted to get up and follow my training program.

Consistency and planning made this goal a reality. I had a plan that was manageable and stuck with it!

Did I do every single thing on my plan? Nope!

Did I miss workouts? Of course!

Did I have to adjust my plan throughout the months of training? Absolutely!

None of these stopped me from continuing to the next day. Every morning I checked what I had planned and started again. Choosing to not focus on what I missed or didn’t do the previous day helped me to focus on the goal of the present day.

Very few folks knew of my plan. I did not share for several reasons. The biggest reason is I do have bad food allergies that can lay me up for weeks. I am very careful but sometimes a harmless snack or a protein bar that you thought was fine can sideline any workouts for me. The other is I could not imagine telling everyone of my clients and friends that I had failed to reach my goal. These two thoughts motivated me to be in control of my food and to learn as much as I could about training to have a good run.

This next time around I feel I will share more. Mostly because I did it once and have faith I can do it again! So for my next race, the Spokane half marathon, I decided to write about my journey. To all my friends and clients don’t worry I won’t talk your ear off about running!! Instead I’ll post to our blog a weekly report for those who choose to follow along or want some motivation or advice. Make no mistake I have run only two races so these weekly reports are from a very novice runner. I only look to share my journey and hopefully inspire others to reach for their next goal!


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