Habitual Fix Start page

Habitual Fix Welcome Forms

We are so excited to work with you!  In order to ensure the best service we can provide you will want to get the following forms back to us ASAP.  Some portions are just nuts and bolts(names and contact info), however, some parts are self evaluations and we want to have as much time looking over those things as we can.  


Instructions for filling out forms for this course.

You will hopefully not have any trouble with this process, but by following these instructions we will be more able to assist you if a problem does occur.  Each of these forms here, and for the consecutive lessons, can be filled out on your computer. 

  • By clicking the link it will open up the document in a browser window.  You will see that there are shaded areas where information can be typed. 
  • Simply click on the box you intend to write in and click into another when you want to move on.  For most things you will be able to fit whatever you can inside these boxes. 
  • On more open ended questions, the text boxes DO NOT wrap around so you will have to click into the box below it in order to continue your thought. 
  • For areas which are “yes/no” or a numerical rating 1-10, simply make some type of letter (X works fine) for your choice.  Similarly, for sections where you are choosing from a range, or multiple options (1-4 or 5-10 or 11-15 for example) you will also place a letter over your choice.  

When you have completed your form, click the down arrow in the upper right hand of the screen to download your completed form to your computer.  You may also choose to simply download the empty form and print off if you intend to fill out by hand and scan back into your computer.   Once you have your completed form on your computer, email it back to us as an attachment for us to review.