In 2012 I discovered kettlebells and really found them to be a fantastic fitness tool for myself and my clients.  The system clicked with me and were a responsible for some great changes in my own physical shape.  I followed up in 2013 with a more committed regime of running consistently.  That combination was really hard to beat for me.  I was working out regularly before but had become reinvigorated  with the incorporation of new information.

Late in 2013 I decided to test myself and my level of fitness by competing in the Tough Mudder challenge event.  It was truly a great experience and I learned so much about my physical capeablilites and limitations as well.  I was was super excited for making 2014, also the year I turn 40, my fittest ever.

Without getting into specifics, I was essentially chop blocked or taken out at the knees on a basketball court just prior to Thanksgiving.  Despite what appeared to be a catastrophic injury I recovered and thought I had dodged a bullet.   Though I was experiencing no pain, I still lacked some end range of motion which I had attributed to some lingering swelling in the knee.  So, I decided to get evaluated and now here I am 2 plus weeks post reconstructive surgery.  The procedure went well and although I still have a possible second surgery to think about over the next year the Dr. thinks I will make a solid recovery.

I had plans this year to go to a higher level kettlebell certification.  I was also ready to set a personal best at Bloomsday this year.  Further into the year and definitely on my radar was a return to the Tough Mudder challenge and I was confident I would be ready and may even have tried another shorter challenge this year as well.  Those plans are essentially shelved now and I believe it helps me to think of it that way rather than as being ‘canceled’.   While rehabbing as a fitness goal is not what I’d call fun, I am going to have to do all the work I can so that next year I can get back to playing terrible golf again.

We all need to have a fitness goal in order to achieve the results we say we want.  What I’m learning now is that we must also be willing to completely reassess those plans when life happens.  To not cancel a personal best time forever, but simply to be more flexible and delay until next year.  

Me and my iPhone

I’ve been doing multiple sets of peg-legging up and down stairs, crutch walking for my upper body, and a lot of right legged  pistol squats out of chairs.  Putting on socks in a knee brace has been a good way for me to work on my flexibility.

As probably the last person on earth to upgrade to iOS 7 I’ve been playing around with iTunes radio and comparing it to Pandora.  Musical selections are different, but I can’t say it’s better.  Sports radio went back to sucking in this town so I’m probably going to go back to podcasts.

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