Valentines day will soon be here so I think it’s a good month to talk about heart health.  Cardiovascular fitness is key to staying fit and healthy so getting some longer, harder sessions in is important.  Increasing by small increments as the month goes along is a great way to push yourself without going to far.  Adding just 5 minutes, an extra block, or a lap around the track can wind up being a pretty significant gain by the end of the month.

My workouts are going pretty well so far.  The knee is doing well and I didn’t have any setbacks during January even though some of my workouts were pretty rigorous.  For the most part however, I kept weight work at less than 25 minutes as I did not want to push too much.

For February I’m going to up the duration for weight work but not my loads.  For now, it’s important for me to focus on form and function.  Flexibility work continues to be of primary importance for my left side as it’s still not quite right.  There are days when my whole leg from hip to ankle feel tight and stiff.  All the more reason not to load up a crooked frame with a lot of weight.

Me and my iPhone:

Kettlebells will make a comeback this month for sure.  Certification is still out there but I don’t know when I will be able to do it so I’ve got to be ready.  It’s not super strenuous but we all start where we need to.  Nothing fancy, just the basics:

2 day workout plan:

Single hand KB swings 10x3sets

Goblet Squats 10×3 sets

TGU 3 minutes

With the lame-o winter here road work may make an earlier than usual appearance.  

3 days walk/jog for 20-25 minutes.  If my knee doesn’t argue I will take my own advice from above!

iPhone – Nothing new.  I need some new music so suggestions are welcome.  I’ve been doing audible books for stuff like folding laundry but I may start listening to that during workouts.  FYI currently enjoying the classic sci-fi “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov.  

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