NORI – A Super Food

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Obviously, for a land locked area like Spokane sea vegetables are not top on everyone's list. Ease of access probably being the biggest reason for this lack of exposure. However, sheets of nori are now widely available in the Asian section of any grocery store and if you live in Spokane we actually have a couple of great Asian markets.  Nori is a sustainable crop that requires no fertilizers. It usually gets all the nutrients it needs from the environment. When processed into what we buy at the market, fresh nori is shredded, pressed into thin sheets, and then dried. Often what we purchase at the store is also toasted. During the drying process the seaweed turns a dark green or even black color. Iodine is one of the biggest…
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Workout Accountability

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Accountability. Something most of us need when trying to reach a new goal or create a new habit. Since we are a couple of weeks into the New Year it's a good time to see if what you are doing so far to reach your goals for 2020 is working.  One thing that can be extremely helpful is creating accountability. There are several ways to do this.  First, an Accountability Buddy. This could be a spouse, friend, child or parent. Anyone that will support and encourage you to keep going.  For example, one of my clients made a goal to walk 10,000 steps a day for 60 days. She set it up so that if she didn't reach her goal every day her daughter would get $100. Her daughter could…
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Nori Wraps

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When my life became gluten free a lot of foods were eliminated from my diet. One of my favorites were burritos. I literally lived on Taco Bell bean burritos the first trimester of my pregnancy with Jack. Flour tortillas are vehicles of food delivery that bring other yummy foods together. For example the tortilla is a vehicle for rice, beans, salsa and of course cheese. Just like chips become a vehicle for salsa. Crackers for cheese. So as my life changed from gluten filled to not, I had to find other vehicles for my food. One in particular is Nori. Yes that stuff that sushi rolls are made with. Also known as seaweed and also January's veggie of the month. I know a weird choice for a vegetable to highlight…
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