Workout Music Motivation

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2019 has arrived and I am going to spend a lot of time out here in cyberspace imparting what I think I know.  It is my hope that you will look forward to explorations of health and fitness with me and that we both will learn and experience a few things along the way.   Before we get to all of that lets first just have a little bit of fun.  One of the things that I do for myself is to create interesting play lists for my workout times.  In particular, for cardio sessions, having a strong cadence to run to, or some powerful lyrics to energize me can make all the difference.   For a strength session I sometimes go with a book or interesting podcast.  I prefer a podcast…
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Buffalo Cauliflower Recipe

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In an attempt to get my clients and myself to eat a variety of vegetables, I thought a monthly blog would be helpful. I am naming this segment a vegetable for breakfast because I believe everyone should eat veggies at every meal. I see no greater reaction than telling a new client about adding a vegetable to their morning routine. Most freak out and say, “Not for breakfast!” So, even if you can’t, won’t, refuse to eat one for breakfast, maybe this will inspire you to eat one at some point during the day. First up…cauliflower. Why? Well during a conversation with my son the other day I realized he had never eaten cauliflower.  In twelve years I never made him eat it or served it with our dinners. This…
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The New Year is upon us and so with it comes our need to create resolutions. So, this year what are your resolutions?  Are they like mine, to learn Spanish or run a half marathon?  Or is it more time with your family? Travel to a far away land? Obviously, what I am more curious about are those goals which are geared more towards your health. I know the next two weeks will be filled with conversations with clients about their resolutions and solutions on how to get started. I thought I would write this post to help everyone on their health and wellness goal for the coming year.  What is your goal for health and fitness? What is your vision for the health of your future self?  For me,…
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