Playground or Training Ground?

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I can't hang down on this one. It doesn't count if your feet touch In a previous post I talked about themed running events.  Being unfamiliar with these types of events I was excited by them.  I'll be honest, I REALLY wanted to do the zombie run, but I was too late to register, so I signed up for the Tough Mudder in October.   This event was much more intimidating than the zombie one, and I wasn't entirely sure how to train for it exactly.  After bombing Bloomsday a couple years ago with pulled calf muscle and little road training, I have accepted that I am too old to NOT train anymore for things.  I tried to follow rather general training principle that I use for any activity, match your workouts…
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Short and Sweet

As if we didn't need any more evidence that regular exercise is good for you.  Now it seems that even small amounts, as little as 15 minutes, can add years to your life.   The current recommendations for exercise rest around 150 minutes per week.  Yet researchers in Taiwan observing over a period of 8 years noticed that even at 15 minutes per day, deaths from any cause were dropped significantly.  It may not seem like it, but you can do a lot in 15 minutes.   15 minutes is enough for a tough circuit or a brisk walk around the block.  15 minutes in plenty of time to get 4 or 5 hard sets of just one exercise in, or even to simply take some time to stretch out your stiff…
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