Sweating in the Sun!

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After spending a week in my perfectly air conditioned studio I really crave being out in the sun.  It is common to walk into Infinity Fitness on a sunny 100 degree day and find me dressed as if it is the dead of winter.  “Hillary are you seriously wearing a fleece!” is a popular summertime greeting.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that I can keep my studio at a nice 68 degrees all day long. Sometimes even cooler if a client has to return to work.Truth be told I hate air conditioning, it feels unnatural. So, after 5 days of cold air and fleece I am ready to be in the sun. This summer so far has consisted of many weekend hikes and bike rides.  This weekend I felt…
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Over the past several years one popular news story item that seems to keep coming up is that Americans don’t exercise enough and are comparatively out of shape with regards to other countries.  Taking a short break from designing torturous exercise programs I decided to investigate a little into what upcoming trends are coming in the hopes that some as yet unknown force is going to change that. I began with a simple search for ‘popular exercise trends in europe’ and an article from the Huffington Post UK comes up listing said trends for 2013.  After updating myself on the currents status of Kim Kardassian’s baby(she’s fine btw) I read through the list of 20 coming trends to the British Isles.   There were some interesting ones like the Ugi Ball…
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